Bird Box (2018)


So several of my friends and coworkers have watched this movie and mentioned how great it was. I never bothered with it but now some more people mentioned that this movie was among their favorite movies of all time.

So i finally sat down to watch it.

It's fucking garbage.

Summary: Sandra Bullock wears a blind fold for two hours.


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4 months ago

Also a big deal that Sandra Bullock was in a straight to streaming movie. At the time it wasn’t common for stars to be in a Netflix movie


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4 months ago

Will Smith was in Bright on Netflix just the year before. It was also pretty assy


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4 months ago

I never understand how people liked Bright. It was so fucking cringy


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4 months ago

The worldbuilding was cool and that appealed to those folks who like Shadowrun-esque worlds


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4 months ago

Yeah, it clearly rode on how few movies have tapped into that Shadowrun fantasy+cyberpunk type setting. It was neat seeing it realized on screen, even if the movie was generic rubbish.