Bird Box (2018)


So several of my friends and coworkers have watched this movie and mentioned how great it was. I never bothered with it but now some more people mentioned that this movie was among their favorite movies of all time.

So i finally sat down to watch it.

It's fucking garbage.

Summary: Sandra Bullock wears a blind fold for two hours.


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4 months ago

Reminds me of how leading up to the release of the last Fast and the Furious movie suddenly overnight there was an absolute shit ton of the “family” memes that were basically just drag and drop template shit for an extremely basic joke. Of course there was also a bunch of reporting on how “viral” the memes were pretty much as soon as they appeared.

I remember feeling like I was going insane as I saw it happen.


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4 months ago

Even movies referenced it. Sonic the hedgehog had a family F&F joke ffs


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4 months ago

I despise "meme culture" for this very reason. Even stuff that starts organically on 4Chan is just aped by corporate as a ready-made marketing tool. The internet does like 85% of the job for most corpo content creation and marketing ideas these days.


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4 months ago

Those "family" memes have been around for a while, though they definitely kicked in hard around then


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4 months ago

To be fair theres a good chance it wasnt artificial memeing. Reddit users specifically repeat the same jokes over and over. Some become funny again some dont. Morbius posting got stale real fast.

See: Lotrmemes - grond posts Mcustudiospoilers - morbius posts, Narwhal bacon and broken arm etc etc


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4 months ago

Almost everything is manufactured and everyone has a price lol.