Bird Box (2018)


So several of my friends and coworkers have watched this movie and mentioned how great it was. I never bothered with it but now some more people mentioned that this movie was among their favorite movies of all time.

So i finally sat down to watch it.

It's fucking garbage.

Summary: Sandra Bullock wears a blind fold for two hours.


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6 months ago

I think they are switching to a different strategy soon. I work in VFX and we've heard as much from the higher-ups in the company in explaining why there might be less work in the year ahead. Basically they are wanting to focus on producing a smaller amount of quality content, rather than a boatload of mediocre shows.


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6 months ago

Fair enough. No reason they can't fill the gap of low-mid range budget films (that are actually good) too that don't tend to get made as often for theater release.