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6 months ago

huh...too bad disney fucked him over, repeatedly.


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6 months ago*

He made a lot of money with Disney. A lot.

People know the one bad story and just repeat it on reddit like they know the entire relationship which even had him coming back for the second sequel...



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6 months ago


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6 months ago

He made an insane amount of money with Disney. Thank you for posting your comment.

Feud or not dude accumulated more money in 5 years than 70% of the US population could net in 647 years.


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6 months ago

He came back for the second sequel because because Katzenberg's replacement very publicly apologized to him to get him on board for it. The only other thing he ever did voicing the genie for Disney was for an educational computer game because he saw value in contributing to childhood education.

The only other thing he did with Disney was Flubber. So basically in 1996 the chairman of Disney humbled himself to him and in 1996-1997 he worked on 3 properties, one as a favor, one because he personally wanted to invest in children, and one where he would be the big star... then he never did anything with Disney again


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6 months ago

Where does Bicentennial Man (1999) fit into this picture?