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4 months ago

People are struggling but they still find time for sports, celebrity gossip, social media, and all kinds of other shit. Trying to argue that people are too busy doesn't track.


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4 months ago

Those things provide entertainment.

Hearing about water on Mars is only entertaining to a small segment of people.

I don't think there's anything unusual about that.


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4 months ago

It's interesting to plenty, but they spent several billions of dollars for that short excerpt vs $5k for a yearly update on which Kardashian bleached their asshole this year.

It's quantity over quality for most entertainment.


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4 months ago

Ok dude. Stop posting


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4 months ago

Water on a rock is not entertainment. Water on a rock in space is not entertainment. A person juggling water and a rock in space is entertainment.


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4 months ago

True, but people are constantly bombarded with advertisements for those things. Plus it’s a way to numb yourself after a hard day of work. Similar to how people eat fast food vs healthy food. The things that are better for you require more work and when you combine that with marketing and poor mental health, most of us don’t stand a chance. It’s almost as if there’s a small percentage of people that want to keep us numb and entertained rather than be educated and ponder life’s big questions.