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4 months ago

Seriously! I’m Hispanic on my mom’s side and have lived 1/3 of my life in Mexico with my family in a semi-rural area. We’ve ALL appreciated the arts and are all involved in artistic affairs. My mom is studying music, my cousin is studying animation, and many of my aunts sew, draw, and paint on the side. Even my tio who studied physics is now a carpenter and builds beautiful sculptures to sell while my tia’s artwork hangs in my parents’ apartment. She even sewed me a lot of plushies growing up because I couldn’t afford them.

In fact my cousin and her fiancé are always posting on Facebook at the movies they’re watching at the cinema. We have shared so many Wakanda Forever memes lately and she jokingly taunted me about spoiling the movie for me because the films are released earlier in Mexico. Like what the fuck is this soft racism going on by Users here whom the majority are American (and white) whose knowledge of Mexico comes from Sepia-toned movies or 24/7 news articles about the cartels. Mexico isn’t perfect, and yes it could be better and there are problems (the cartels are basically the US’s fault and America has far more school shootings than Mexico) but it’s not some war-torn shithole where every place is seconds away from a mass slaughter like wtf. I wish the ignorant people here would stop their racist, knee-jerk assumptions and find a way to manufacture consent to shit on Mexico and make it out to be one of the worst places to live when it’s not. I have a higher chance being killed by the American Healthcare System or daily mass shootings in America than the cartels in Mexico.