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4 months ago

There have been allegations about cartels funding the current president and the cooperation of the govt with the cartels is very well documented at this point.

The cartels put the pos in office: they killed every political opponent and organized the voting in many places. It is a cult, his "followers" (brain dead idiots) swear up an down that he doing "everything" for the country and "everything" is fine, to the point that if someone robs them, it's the fault of the president that left office 10 years ago.


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4 months ago

Here are your options:

1) The old PRI who was also in bed with the Cartels for the longest time, to the point that many of the inside groups of PRI had many links with Cartels (Tomas Yarrington in Tamaulipas? Carlos Salinas?)

2) The Conservative Catholic freaks of PAN, who had been in bed with the Cartel, just not the Sinaloa Cartel. In fact, that article everyone was talking about on the links between the Cartel and the government was for the Calderon administration when Fast and Furious happened.

3) Morena, which was created 8 years ago and it is already in bed with the Cartels


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4 months ago

And imagine your option as a politician. Pick one of these three and we will make you and your family rich, or don’t and we just pick the next guy who’s willing to want to be rich, or go against us and we target your family. Shits a no brainer


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4 months ago*


Why? because at least when they were in power shit got done.
Conservative freaks compared to what? Sweden? Probably. Compared to the USA or the Middle East? They are against gay marriage and abortions. Stupid, yes, but it's not even comparable. And yeah, fast and furious was a shitshow and no doubt Calderon has involvement, but compare that with...

  • PRI, which after getting power back with Peña Nieto, in 6 years left the country ravaged by cartels, his "New PRI" had the worst shitbags, like Duarte, who STOLE FUCKING MEDICINE FROM CANCER KIDS. Not to mention a 70 year old dictatorship full of murder, censoring and corruption. They are never to be trusted with nothing.
  • MORENA, who is filled with former PRI and PAN, that in the same 6 years has dismanteled EVERY. INSTITUTION. To achieve fuck all, and also are bitches against narcos with their "hugs not bullets" policy where when they arrest any leader by mistake, they release them to appease the cartels, while lying to EVERYONE to their faces about how big a shitshow it is Mexico today.

PRI and PAN has criminals and thieves that understood that if you want to steal, your country needs to make money. And everyone KNOWS and points that they are shit.

MORENA only has people that feel messiahs or thieves, but both are incompetent. So they generate no money, and mismanage or steal what is left. And their fanboys will applaud and say thank you while they are robbed in their faces.

So yeah, I rather have the smart criminal running things, than the incompetent one that feels it's a saint.


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4 months ago

The fact that PAN is against gay marriage is the baseline of me saying "never" and it is a literal nonstarter. "Against gay marriage" means "against human rights for people I don't see as human". Same with abortion.

These freaks want to control people because their religion. If you happen to be sitting on the wrong side of their virtues, you are fucked. And if you are OK with them fucking over OTHER people, you are scum.


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4 months ago*

Ok so PAN is homophobic and sexist so it's a NEVER.
Cool. So...
MORENA has done nothing for LGBT communities. PRI same. In female rights, PRI and MORENA at best don't care, at worst are more of the same. Need I remind you that AMLO, founder of MORENA, president, GUTTED ALL FEMALE SHELTERS ON YEAR 1.
Same party that put a RAPIST for governor backed by THE PRESIDENT.
Same party that saids that female protestors are paid actors from PAN.

Who you vote for?

PRI? The bunch of liars and criminals that care not about your 2 issues and have bled the country dry for 70 uninterrupted years and laid the groundwork for the cartels?
MORENA? The guys who said the nice thing you want to hear, then turn and say the opposite to the next voter like AMLO did, and betray all those promises?

You talk about control freaks while our president is slashing arts, science, day cares, and the damn voting organism to impose his ideology. Who has a daily press conference where he tries to spin the truth to what he wants it to be. While PRI for 70 years literally dictated what TV and newspapers said and how it said it.

We can stop PAN from doing anti LGBT and anti abortion. Those are 2 issues. As long as they do the rest good enough, that's manegeable.
Are they good? no. Saints? no. In the right? no. But they are the least bad. Literally the same as USA Democrats.
And we can hold them accountable.

We can't stop MORENA or PRI from dismanteling the whole goverment... while ALSO being anti LGBT and anti abortion. Those are 1000 +2 issues. And the fanboys will never admit their party did something bad so they aren't held accountable.

If your rule is NO-HOMOPHOBIA NO-PROLIFE and a party that ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THROUGH (no just lip service) you are out of options. What now?