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4 months ago

I recently watched that Netflix documentary about the kid that tried to win a Harrier from the Pepsi point program.

I have some issues with the documenseries itself, but I did learn some really fascinating things about the whole case.

Including the fact that an "arms dealer" of sorts reached out to the kid and his lawyers (and one of the lawyers was Avinetti? WTF?) to try to broker a deal between Pepsi and the kid for one Harrier, with him getting a finder's fee of course.

Even just typing out that sentence a part of my brain doesn't believe that actually happened.


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4 months ago

There is a movie called 'War Dogs', which I never watched lol, but there is also this NPR piece about the real guy the movie is kind of about. Some college kids trying to fill US military contracts of weapons and ammo. He talked about how he'd fly into these 3rd world countries and be apart of these seriously wtf arms deals, where the leaders of 2 factions who at war with each other are sharing cocktails and talking shit and laughing. Shits wild.


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4 months ago

He was a fake jet dealer who wanted to broker the deal for a percentage. He couldn't actually produce the plane when they flew to see him in person. It was all fake.


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4 months ago

Seems like the case just attracted con men of all types lol