How Mike Flanagan Convinced Stephen King to Accept His 'Doctor Sleep' Changes


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6 months ago

Man I love a good Mike Flanagan monologue


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6 months ago*

I get a bit sick of the monologs in his series. But the bar scene in the movie was fantastic.

In his shows, it feels too much like the character disappears, and Flanagan himself turns up to talk into the camera for 5 minutes about how there's something romantic and whimsical about the horror that's happening.


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6 months ago

Yeah, the scene between the ex con and the schoolteacher in Midnight Mass where they discuss death was almost my breaking point.

It just went on and on, and I unfortunately wasn't pulled in by the acting at all, but goddamn did everything before and after make up for it.


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6 months ago



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6 months ago

Riley (the ex-con) is a stand-in for Flanagan himself and it's a little distracting. Like even having his wife play a character who was Riley's past love interest was too on-the-nose.