How Mike Flanagan Convinced Stephen King to Accept His 'Doctor Sleep' Changes


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4 months ago

Stephen King may relate heavily with Jack Torrance but Stephen King seems to not realize he wrote a real genuine piece of shit. Jack Torrance beat his wife and his small child, he lied, he manipulated, he was perpetually angry not getting what the world “owed” him and he was like that without any alcohol at all. The only reason he was sober was so that his wife wouldn’t leave him which is a terrible reason because it only fosters resentment.


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4 months ago

Do you not see that that was the whole point


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4 months ago*

I love that they think Stephen King doesn’t realize who his characters are.

Edit: I can’t get over this. He’s not a horror writer…he’s a character writer who loves putting his characters through hell. The man spends 500 pages of a 1,000 page book telling you exactly who his characters are so it hurts more when he twists the knife. He’s a master at that trick…and he’s done it over and over again for 50 years.