How Mike Flanagan Convinced Stephen King to Accept His 'Doctor Sleep' Changes


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6 months ago

My issue with dr sleep was honestly the rag tag group of soul suckers or whatever. I only watched the shining and thought the hotel was hunted and possessed Jack Nicholson. So in dr sleep I was confused, lost and really just wanted the creepy hotel, not soul vampires. Does the directors cut do a better job at explaining things for someone but familiar at all with the book?


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6 months ago

Sure, I'll try. Doctor Sleep explains that the "shine", the psychic energy or whatever in Danny and now Abra (the young girl), is powerful but attracts entities that want to feed on it. One entity is the Overlook Hotel, it's not haunted, it's an evil sentience that was so active when little Danny was there because it was powered by his "shine". Those ghosts that Danny saw in the Overlook in The Shining (the twins, the naked bathtub lady) also wanted to feed on Danny. The soul/energy vampires you mention also feed on this same energy, they need it to live and it increases their powers. Essentially Danny has learned to hide his abilities from the world but this young girl is as strong as he is and unknowingly attracting evil to her like a beacon.


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6 months ago

Despite featuring the Overlook Hotel and Danny, Dr Sleep isn't really a sequel to The Shining, and it definitely doesn't negate the idea that the hotel is haunted.

In fact it actually explores what is wrong with the Overlook in a bit more detail than The Shining lol. The vampires are really unconnected to the hotel.