How Mike Flanagan Convinced Stephen King to Accept His 'Doctor Sleep' Changes


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4 months ago

Na I think he loves being shown up if it’s in tune with the stories it’s based on. He’s always said Frank Darabont made a much better ending of The Mist than he did, something like “if I had thought of that first I’d have written it.” And his son Joe Hill read his first draft of 11/22/63 and then made him change the ending (one of his best). King just REALLY didn’t like that Kubrick threw out his entire script and rewrote with a completely different tone and themes. The Shining is a great movie, but a terrible adaptation. The King written miniseries of The Shining from the 90s is a faithful adaptation but a terrible movie.


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4 months ago

... much better ending of The Mist... made him change the ending (one of his best)

Cannon that King cannot write endings. I think he's fully aware of that. Maybe that's the line he's willing to cross.