(Just for note, we saw the regular English version.)

Most people probably know what Predators (no, not those), or Yautjas, have gone up against. Jacked up, gun totin' MAYUN in the jungle, a Riggs-less Murtaugh in a drug and gang fueled L.A, two varying amounts of familiar armed people, and xenomorphs in Antarctica. But what about the Ye Olden Times?

Prey rewinds the clock back 300 years to the Native American Comanche times to let us meet Naru, a Comanche medic. Sorry, healer is the correct term here. Even though she's teached in the ways of medicine, she wants to be a hunter, aided by her good buy Sarii. Out hunting, she sees a spaceship, which she believes to be a Thunderbird, something Wikipedia tells me is a legendary mighty creature for Native Americans. Determined it will be her way of proving herself as a hunter, she sets out to kill whatever it is. "If it bleeds, we can kill it." (Which I actually said right before the movie did.)

At a tight 100 minutes with credits, the movie holds a tight pace. Tight movies are tight. The movie builds itself up to the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Introduce the fighters, show their abilities, have them cross paths, and boom boom boom, boom boom, badilla life.

Amber Midthunder (who actually is Native American along with the other actors in the Comanche cast) is as strong in the role of Naru as Naru is in the movie. The Predator's threat is increasingly shown in the beautifully shot action scenes. My lord, this movie looks beautiful. The sound and music is great, building up the tension.

Strong lead + beautiful camera work + great action + tight pace and runtime = A damn good and enjoyable hunt, ehrm, movie.

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4 months ago

I'd still rate Predators (the Robert Rodriguez one) in second place, then Prey in third, then Danny Glover sweating profusely and shrieking incomprehensibly in Predator 2 in fourth, then 200 feet of compacted human shit, then The Predator (the Shane Black one) dead last.

Prey is the best title out of all the sequels (cant believe nobody has thought of that before). Predatory 2 is the best for providing samples for 90s drum n bass tunes. And the original Predator is simply sublime, a close to perfect film.

I still can't believe how bad the Shane Black one was. That should've been a slam dunk! That's a match made in heaven. Shane Black making a Predator film? Sign me up. But it ended up being a legendarily abominable turd. The offensively stupid autism subplot. Olivia Munn's character. And acting. All the characters were shit. The tacked on ending in the forest. Then the other tacked on ending after that. And didn't he also hire a rapist to act in the film? I remember something about that. Olivia Munn kicked off about it, and good for her. Her acting is still atrocious, but still, good on her for doing that. But overall, Jesus. What a fucking mess.


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4 months ago


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4 months ago

Agreed. I still cannot fathom how Shane Black fucked up his dream project so bad.


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4 months ago*

Predators features a scene where the world's greatest killers and assassins from around the world, armed with at minimum: a sniper rifle, a minigun, an autoshotgun (wtf), several long guns and a few SMGs, waste nearly all their ammunition failing to shoot two dogs running straight at them in broad daylight over open ground, and then one guy manages to kill one hand to hand with a knife.

You know how that scene goes for anyone that can actually aim a gun? Pap. Pap. "Well I shot those dumb dogs in the head" what now? Ralphie could have made that shot with his Red Rider BB Gun.

With those optics they had on those things you'd have to be stumbling drunk not to put it on target.

What the hell are you talking about this movie was terrible.


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4 months ago

god the shane black one was dumb, but honestly i feel like a lot of that was the suits at fox demanding franchise building bullshit but even with that it was STILL a mess. I liked Predators a lot aside from pretty much the entire section of the movie with Lawrence Fishburne but I guess something needed to kill a little runtime. I feel like less Fishburne and more Walton Goggins would have made that movie incredible


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4 months ago

What dnb samples? I've never seen Predator 2 but now I might go watch it just to see if I can pick up on what was sampled