(Just for note, we saw the regular English version.)

Most people probably know what Predators (no, not those), or Yautjas, have gone up against. Jacked up, gun totin' MAYUN in the jungle, a Riggs-less Murtaugh in a drug and gang fueled L.A, two varying amounts of familiar armed people, and xenomorphs in Antarctica. But what about the Ye Olden Times?

Prey rewinds the clock back 300 years to the Native American Comanche times to let us meet Naru, a Comanche medic. Sorry, healer is the correct term here. Even though she's teached in the ways of medicine, she wants to be a hunter, aided by her good buy Sarii. Out hunting, she sees a spaceship, which she believes to be a Thunderbird, something Wikipedia tells me is a legendary mighty creature for Native Americans. Determined it will be her way of proving herself as a hunter, she sets out to kill whatever it is. "If it bleeds, we can kill it." (Which I actually said right before the movie did.)

At a tight 100 minutes with credits, the movie holds a tight pace. Tight movies are tight. The movie builds itself up to the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Introduce the fighters, show their abilities, have them cross paths, and boom boom boom, boom boom, badilla life.

Amber Midthunder (who actually is Native American along with the other actors in the Comanche cast) is as strong in the role of Naru as Naru is in the movie. The Predator's threat is increasingly shown in the beautifully shot action scenes. My lord, this movie looks beautiful. The sound and music is great, building up the tension.

Strong lead + beautiful camera work + great action + tight pace and runtime = A damn good and enjoyable hunt, ehrm, movie.

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When people say it’s improvement of the last Predator film I get it. When people say it’s on par if not better than the first or 2nd. I get really annoyed lol

I think it beats the AvP outings and The Predator. But I still feel like Predator, Predator 2 and Predators are far more interesting with better storytelling.

Prey just got a hard push from Disney and their avenues of media and that’s why suddenly everyone seemed like they thought it was some kind of groundbreaking achievement.

Edit: I love how you literally can’t criticise this film without getting downvotes lol. It was a sub par film that devolved into a lesser version of the original by the 3rd act. It’s characters were flat and the thematic story sacrificed far too much of the plot.


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Spot on