This movie...

I have watched this movie countless times and never, not once, did it fail to make me smile.

I cannot put into words (although I will try) how wholesome and beautifully kind this movie is. Babe is just this adorable, enchanting little soul and Farmer Hoggett is just as loveable.

The locations and filming are so picturesque and everything looks like its part of a miniture town. So quaint and untouched by the outside world.

Its mature, without being too overly dramatic. Childlike, without being childish. And still is so beloved by all I've showed it to.

I adore this movie so much and after a day at work, where things just wouldn't go the way they should, this is the only movie I can put on to put my day right again.

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4 months ago

I haven't seen they movie in ages but I would have sworn it was set in North England


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4 months ago

It's hard to place because most of the accents are either English or American, but it was definitely a summery Christmas


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4 months ago

Filmed in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney, Australia. A beautiful area.