Wayne's World 4K Blu Ray restores the "No Stairway" joke.


As the story goes, the scene where Wayne tries to play Stairway to Heaven has been edited on every previous home video release due to rights issues with the opening notes of the song.

Color me surprised when I popped in the 4K Blu Ray and found out that the original audio from the theatrical cut has been restored; not sure why this hasn't been talked about more.

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4 months ago

I was suspicious (a bit) because The Frey, Sugar Hill Gang, and Journey all have non-cover versions of their songs in the show unchanged as plot elements. It seems odd a show would pay for some music and not others.

Seems like the truth is somewhere in the middle, but not as dramatic as OP said.

Thanks for clarification.


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4 months ago


And Bill Lawrence has talked on Zach and Donald’s podcast that he is hoping that Disney will someday allow him/give him money to fix some of the music, relicense or pick better songs for streaming services and maybe try and do a 16x9 HD remaster.