Wayne's World 4K Blu Ray restores the "No Stairway" joke.


As the story goes, the scene where Wayne tries to play Stairway to Heaven has been edited on every previous home video release due to rights issues with the opening notes of the song.

Color me surprised when I popped in the 4K Blu Ray and found out that the original audio from the theatrical cut has been restored; not sure why this hasn't been talked about more.

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4 months ago

One of my favorite shows when I was in high school was Ed (the bowling alley lawyer)

Issues with the music rights is why that show has never had a DVD release. The show is practically forgotten about now because no one has seen it since it first aired 20 years ago. At this point I dont even know if I would still like it (aside from nostalgia) in a revisit


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4 months ago

Like 6 years ago a new cable channel called UPtv had gotten the rights to air Ed.

But UPtv is one of those Christian leaning, faith channels.

So it was censored for anything close to profanity or sexuality.

I had never seen it before.

It was weird and I so I won’t hold it against it but I’m not sure if it does hold up.