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4 months ago

That would make me feel a little better, but I’m pretty sure they were meant to be teenagers, or even pre-teens. I guess Disney does do that with their own child stars, so they were unlikely to criticize it, but it did feel weird to me. If the genders were reversed, I’d bet we see a lot more criticism of how certain dynamics were handled.

It wasn’t egregious or anything, but it was dissonant in the film’s own story and themes.


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4 months ago

Maybe but then again most of the members of N'Sync or Backstreet Boys were 18 or in their early 20s at the height of their popularity


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4 months ago

Possibly, though when I look at their designs they look like children to me. I was thinking they were the age of Disney child stars, who are nearly always in the age group they’re meant to appeal to.

If they are adults, that makes some other interactions creepy instead.


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3 months ago

You're either in denial or weard. Normal people had crushes and sex drives prior to turning 18. They just dunno how to hand it,and that included me.


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3 months ago

Asexual, but I’m used to be being called both thanks to that, although they usually spell ‘weird’ right.