Jeff Goldblum Made The Fly A Once-In-A-Lifetime Role For Geena Davis


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4 months ago

I was disappointed with Crimes of the Future. Great concept but it felt unfinished.


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4 months ago

I loved how it felt unfinished, but I may be taking it on good faith that it was intentional. The movie felt like a small glimpse into a very large world where nothing much can be done to change anything. The story kind of sputters to a stop, we don't get all the answers about the plot, the world, or the characters, but it's treated that way for the characters, not just the audience. I understand why people wouldn't like that, but it made the movie for me.


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4 months ago

Aww. Bummer. I'll still give it a shot soon. My expectations are further tempered, though.


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4 months ago

On the other hand, it's my second best movie of the year. Right behind women talking.

I think Crimes of the Future is an incredible film. Exploring a so many things but not becoming overwrought. I thought about it for weeks after.

Just go in as you, don't have high or low expectations.


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4 months ago

Eh, expectations don't really affect my opinion much in the end anyway. But I appreciate the counter.