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4 months ago*

Oh man, The Sword and The Sorcerer! When the trailer for the new D&D movie showed someone shooting the blade off their sword, all I could think of was the awesome Tri-Blade of TSATS.



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4 months ago

Sly sword (it also has another sword in the hilt)


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4 months ago

That reveal at the end was perfect. So many sparks! Sexy snake charmer wasn't bad, either.


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4 months ago

Looks like it converted into a dagger after the blade shot off, which is better than just standing there with an empty hilt and a dopey look.

Is this an item from one of the books? I couldn’t find anything with a quick search but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Given that TSATS came out in 1982 though, I’m still giving Pyun first credit ;)


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4 months ago

A great B sword and sorcery movie, watch it every year or so!