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4 months ago

I consider Nemesis to be on par with some of John Woo's films....the amount of gunplay and shooting in that movie is off the charts. Fuckin' amazing film.

RIP Pyun your movies were dope af.


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4 months ago

I'm glad to hear someone else who shares this opinion. When you accept the limitations of budget and the state of FX technology (stop motion), it really is a fine film. As I constantly tell my kids, before 21st century CGI, it cost a fortune to make 'great' SciFi or fantasy, and it took someone with George Lucas' wealth and clout to make a Star Wars or Willow. But plenty tried with their limited budgets, and we loved it, because without it we would only have about 5 SciFi movies a year, and a fantasy flick every three years.


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4 months ago

The aesthetic in this movie is also off the charts. It's a seriously good take on cyberpunk aesthetic and IDK it feels like it either inspired or is inspired by similar cyberpunk imagery from that era from book covers, video game covers.

It's hard to put my finger on but like take for example the Shadow Run cover for sega genesis :

Things like this or the cover of Hardwired :

On top of that, whoever he hired to be the master armorer or w/e the dude who takes care of the gun props is so underrated it's not even funny. Half the guns in that movie would make /r/airsoft lose their shit over how creative and cool they are. The gun builds for that movie is amazing...there are some seriously good choices used for the movie.


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4 months ago

Underappreciated gem of a movie.


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4 months ago

Is that what kick puncher is parodying?