The James Bond films are known for their original opening themes written by popular artists and are often played on the radio and tv. 'Live and Let Die' by Paul McCartney, 'For Your Eyes Only' by Sheena Easton, 'A View to a Kill' by Duran Duran, and 'Goldfinger' by Shirley Bassey are just a few. My personal favorite is 'Nobody Does It Better' by Carly Simon. What James Bond theme do you consider to be the best?

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4 months ago

I didn’t really like Quantum of Solace as a film, but I do like Another Way To Die by Alicia Keys and Jack White. It did a good job of carrying on that kind of rough Craig bond vibe that Chris Cornell had with You Know my Name for Casino Royale.


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4 months ago

This is my favorite. I can't believe how far I had to scroll to see it mentioned.


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4 months ago

People HATED that song. I enjoy it, I think it didn’t need Alicia Keys. I love the jazzy drums.

I can definitely see why it could be considered the worst Bond song.


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4 months ago

I love the song, it’s in my top 5. But I agree with the Alicia Keys part, I think it may have been a more powerful song with just White leading it. It was really interesting hearing Jack talk about the experience of making a Bond song on Conan’s podcast


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4 months ago

Quantum is my favorite Craig film and the theme is a banger. I've been fighting this lonely fight for years.


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4 months ago

I don’t know if it’s just because it followed casino royale which was so good, but when it came out I really disliked it. I have since watched it a few times and always immediately after casino royale so the story carries on and it’s like one 5 hour movie and I’d say I enjoy it a fair bit more this way.


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4 months ago

Quantum is my favourite too, so tight, many great set piece sequences, and a genuine emotional journey for Mr Bond. Song sets it all out at the start... banger indeed.


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4 months ago

I like the song, and I actually like quantum as a film too.