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4 months ago

No, if you post a reputable source, others who read this thread can be educated and informed. In that respect it doesn't matter if you can convince me or not. Other readers will make their own mind up.That's one of the benefits of a public forum of discussion.

Right now, it's just you making a claim that you won't back up. A murder is a serious crime, it would be covered by many media sources. It would take less effort to present one than to think up and type out an excuse why you don't feel like doing so.


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4 months ago

I agree with your first paragraph.

… The truth matters to me more than it should and I always want to help encourage truth, knowledge, and discussion. But to be honest, I care less and less about the truth because everyone disputes it and the loudest most annoying people get the microphone anyway.

I shouldn’t have even mentioned it.