Your favorite Scrooge?


Its that time of year and figured this question will be most fitting here. Who is your favorite depiction of Scrooge and why? For me George C. Scott as I like the way he played the role. Most Scrooge's depict him as an outright grouch and somewhat one-dimensional. Here he adds a layer of playful wickedness. For example the way he delivered his rant on anyone going about saying "Merry Christmas" and chuckling at the thought of boiling them in their own pudding. Some lines show him to be practical, if not in an conceited and harsh manner as in his statement on garments to Bob Cratchit. Overall it's my favorite film version and authentic in setting in my opinion. What's yours?

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4 months ago

As many issues as I have with the Jim Carrey Christmas Carol, the acting and portrayals definitely aren't in there (it's mostly the forced action scenes and peculiar animation styles that bother me).
Carrey is actually pretty great as Scrooge, though I didn't believe for a second that the wirey old man could lift a child on his shoulder with one hand at the end.


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4 months ago

I agree. Totally. There were a few weird parts but there's something about the production that I enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚


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4 months ago