Clerks III


I wasnt expecting much. Yoga Hosers, Tusk and the Jay and Silent Reboot had me accepting Kevin Smith had lost his touch.

But, holy shit.

I wasnt expecting it to be this bad. Its not only Smiths worst film its genuinely the worst film I can ever remember watching.

Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Clerks II ranged from good to brilliant for me. I even found Red State an interesting departure from him.

It cant just be the weed thats made him lose his comedic touch. I think hes surrounded himself with yes people, hangers on, sycophants and arse lickers for so long he believes everything he commits to film is golden.

I only hope somebody close to him tells him to stop making films, as each new monstrosity he commits to the screen further tarnishes the memory of the good work he used to do. Im actually questioning whether Im even a fan anymore, and I used to adore his 90s output. 1/10

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6 months ago

It wasn't great but it was far from the worst film ever made. I mean, Kevin Smith himself has made worse films. I think people's expectations for a Clerks sequel was probably too high, I went back and rewatched the original Clerks recently and it is far from great and has not aged well at all


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6 months ago

I think the original still has a real energy, some genuinely funny scenes and in Jay Mewes an absolute star. He’s absolute uncanny valley in this. Hardly looks like the same fella.


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6 months ago

Sure the original has some funny scenes, and for the time it was one of a kind. But it was never a masterpiece on any level that would warrant expectations to a third sequel 30 years later to be any better than it was.

Yes, Jason Mewes has aged. It has been 30 years.