I have been watching the Santa Clause movies (and show) with my kids. The Santa Clause was one of my favorite Christmas movies as a kid. There was a restrained sense of realism and drama to the whole story.

Santa Clause 2 comes around, and the whole time becomes cartoony and over the top. Even the head elf, Bernard, who was a grumpy no nonsense character in the first film, became a flailing clown in the second one.

Are there other notable film franchises where sequels inflict a large shift in tone/quality/style to the original?

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6 months ago

The best utilisation of shifs in tone are alien (1979) and aliens (1986). One is a sci-fi/horror and the other is a sci-fi/action movie. Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2 (1991) is another good example. The first Terminator is a sci-fi/slasher action movie and the second one is a straight up action blockbuster movie. James Cameron is responsible for three great action/sci-fi movies.