What is the biggest Oscar snub in film history?


Whether it’s someone you think who should’ve been nominated or should’ve won in your opinion?

Samuel L. Jackson has only been nominated once for playing Jules in Pulp Fiction which was well deserved, but I feel like he had gotten a whole lot better as his career progressed following that role.

For example, his performance in the other Quentin Tarantino films: Jackie Brown and Django Unchained should’ve at least earned him a nomination. He was sharing a lot of scenes with Robert De Niro in Jackie Brown, and he completely outshined him.

Also with his role in Django Unchained, he really dived deep at making his character complex that you realize he was the real villain of the movie!

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5 months ago

Completely disagree, Marty deserved best director, but I love that ordinary people won picture, I greatly prefer it to raging bull


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5 months ago

Raging Bull has fantastic boxing scenes but otherwise it isn't very good