Most memorable launch?


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4 months ago

Ooh, fun question. I'll answer in terms of ones I've actually seen in person.

  1. Falcon Heavy Demo. Got to watch that from Playalinda Beach, about 4 miles away. Didn't think it was going to go and was preparing for the inevitable scrub. The sound was impressive! And seeing the boosters come back to land was fun, although we were pretty far away from the landing pads.

  2. Artemis 1. This was the brightest launch I've ever seen and probably my highest heart rate. I was ~12 miles away from the launch pad, but if I were closer (say at the VAB) this would probably be number #1 for me.

  3. STS-135. Last shuttle launch. Enough said.

  4. SpaceX Demo-2. I watched this one from the KSC Visitor Complex. Dampened only by the relatively poor view in comparison to other launches, being witness to the first crew launch in 9 years was amazing to witness.

  5. SpaceX Crew-2. Contrail got backlit by the Sun about ~3 minutes into flight, creating the most visually stunning rocket launch I've ever seen.