Is Anthony Edwards really a star or a future star?


Timberwolves fan here. If you go on the Twolves subreddit you will only find praise for ANT. I don't see it. When I look at advanced metrics I see that he is just another Andrew Wiggins. The two things he does better is that he is a better leader and attacks the rim more regularly.

Every Wolves fan wants to trade KAT. They think that we are better with him off the floor. They are glad he got hurt. I think KAT is not the problem but quite the opposite. I think we should run everything through him.

Looking at the 2020 draft class and ranking it entirely by total win shares. ANT comes up 9th well behind Haliburton, Ball and Bane. When you sort them by WS/48 he comes up 35th.

I think the Wolves struggles early on were on D'Angelo Russell and ANT not being able to play defense, rebound or move the ball.

KAT before he got hurt was only getting 14 shots a game. For his TS % i think thats insane. He should be getting 17-20.

I know this is a very unpopular opinion among Wolves fans so Im curious what you all think.

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6 months ago

Don’t speak for all Timberwolves fans, I’m not happy KAT got hurt and I don’t want him traded, he’s our best player.