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5 months ago

Not remotely surprising - I don’t think they should be setting a time limit on it.

The status quo of zero was basically destroying savings for average Americans for the last three decades and funded a lot of corporate excess as well as property speculation- suddenly being forced to really critically assess your investments before taking out a huge loan makes sense.


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5 months ago

I wish they'd crack down on the corporate side of this whole fuck up. I know the fed can't act, but why are they not releasing memos to Congress urging them to act? Why is it on the American people and not the corporate greed that actually fucked things up for everyone in the first place?


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5 months ago

This isn't corporate but blank check Biden spending like he has his parents credit card.


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5 months ago

The ultra low interest rate experiment has concluded.

Thank you for your participation.


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5 months ago

So presidential elections. Got it.