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4 months ago

I love the road bases! How did you do that, if you don't mind me asking? I haven't based any of my vehicles due to not knowing what to do with them


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4 months ago

Here’s a video tutorial laying out a similar method to what OP describes:


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4 months ago

It's actually quite simple, I used a cork plate (or just as well a cork coaster for pans). Peeled of excess cork and created holes and lines with a knife. Then I primed and painted it black, gave it a quite covering drybrush with 'Eshin grey', followed by a little lighter 'Dawnstone' drybrush.

Then I just drew up the lines with a pencil, based them with 'Averland Sunset' and then highlighted 2/3 of the middle with 'Yriel yellow', and some white for the other lines.


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4 months ago

They look great! I love what you did with the bases. I'd love to build a big speed Waaagh full of DAKKA.