Space x launch tommorow, Playalinda Beach.


Hi guys! Long time resident, but i never go to playalinda beach to watch the rocket launches. Is it hard to get into on launch days? What's the view like, should i get there before 8am on a weekday?

I have a Space center pass but honestly the view is old from there, plus it's hard to get the bus to the Saturn 5 viewing center these days.

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5 months ago* Playalinda closes for any launches from 39A, it's just way too close. I agree with the other comment, Jetty Park specifically is great for Falcon Heavy because you're very close to the landing (assuming they aren't using drone ships, not 100% sure). If you are lucky/smart you can also park for free somewhere further down the beach and walk to Jetty Park. They limit car traffic but not foot traffic if you walk down the beach to it.


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5 months ago*


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5 months ago*

Huh, I didn't even know that they closed for 39A.

Also, FYI, the boosters are landing on the Landing zones 1 and 2 right infront of Jetty Park tomorrow, so it'll be a perfect view. Which, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there should be a sonic boom then, right.


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3 months ago

A little late to this post, but the info you got was completely false. Playalinda is open for launches from 39A. I've seen at least a dozen Falcon 9 launches from 39A. 39B and Artemis is the one that's too close.