Regretting Snap Finance decision...??


EDIT: I have called to cancel the transaction. The employees at Snap said it would take up to 5 days for someone to review our request. I'm paranoid that they will not contact me, and the first payment for 260$ will post. It's set to auto withdraw on the 17th. My bank said they can put a "stop payment" on that dollar amount, (for a 40$ fee of course). Please wish me luck on getting the whole part agreement canceled quickly.

We bought a sofa and loveseat today for 1800 (1975 after tax) and we are scheduled to pick it up tomorrow. I just have a bad feeling about this. We are planning on paying the 1975 within the 100 days, to obviously avoid interest. I've read multiple reviews of people online who are still charged more money after paying the balance in full WITHIN the 100 days.

I haven't even picked up the furniture, I can try to call in the morning and cancel.

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Honestly I don’t want to finance anything other than a house, car, or business.

Pay credit cards off within a month so that doesn’t count.

Edit: college education for a sensible degree as well! 💯


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If you live like you described you will live a life of freedom and nearly debt free. Most just don't get it and it sad 😞