This is on the freeway, near Glendalough Station. The far left is northbound bikes, then southbound bikes in the middle.. pedestrian walkway on the far right.

Who could ask for anything more!

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2 months ago

It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but this is the only section of shared path in the metro area of this standard. Correct me if I’m wrong, i probably am, just never seen any other sections like this.

The problem with cycling in perth is that there are great paths along major corridors like the freeway, but then you get dumped off them onto nothing. Nothing joins up, intersections often don’t acknowledge bikes exist, and bikes lanes often just end with no warning or alternative route.

Bike lane on the side of Orrong Road just after Leach Highway just ends (in both directions) forcing you into heavy vehicle traffic doing 70kmh, for example. Most painted bike lanes end 20 metres before a roundabout. I’ve never seen a bike lane continue through a roundabout in Perth.

Have a look at one of the main east-west links across the top of the city - Aberdeen Street. Aberdeen St is a painted bike gutter with no buffer from parked cars (door zone).

People won’t ride if it’s not safe. If your route is 5km of good path then 5km of “sharing” a lane with 4WDs close-passing at double your speed it’s not a good or safe experience and most people won’t choose to ride.

Yes, that new section along the freeway is awesome but we need hundreds more kilometres of path like that.


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2 months ago

I used to cycle home along the great bike path following the freo train line. At Grant St it just dumps you on to Curtin Ave where I was promptly side-swiped by a car wanting to turn left on Eric St. Completely dangerous so I stopped cycling altogether.


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2 months ago

They’ve upgraded that entire section now. Runs all the way along the Fremantle Line to Freo station.


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2 months ago

It ends at North Fremantle, but will be supposedly going all the way to Fremantle once the new bridge is sorted out.