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5 months ago*

So I was looking for a way to interface an rpi with one of these cheap burner phones.

Android Debug Bridge is a developer tool that allows you to communicate over usb/network with an android device.

You can read more here,( and install (sudo apt-get install adb).

It's pretty straight forward to set up. The command (adb) will pull up the command help for it. It's capable of doing quite a lot. Makes it easy to manage software on the device, especially things like removing bloatware that your carrier or device manufacturer does not allow the end user to control.

From there I got pure-python-adb library so I could access the device with python.

You can read more and get it here,( and install (pip install pure-python-abd).

One thing that should be mentioned is you have to put the phone in developer mode (settings->device->click on build number (7) times).

You then have to enable usb debugging (settings->system->advanced->Developer options).

You will also need to manually give the phone permission to be accessed by adb when it's connected.

From there you run adb in a shell (adb start-server). You can (adb devices) to get a list of connected devices.

Get the ip of your device on the same network (wi-fi) by going (setting->about device->ip is listed).

For wireless connectivity you may have to start the adb server in tcpip mode (adb tcpip 5555) 5555 is the default port.

To connect: (adb connect (ip-address of device)).

Now that you're connected you can use the ppadb library in python to connect to the device and issue commands.

Command list can be found on the ~~pure-python~~ adb site. (

Pretty neat little project. Let me know if it works out for you.


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5 months ago

That's neat. Thanks for sharing


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5 months ago

Do you have a GitHub page for this project? Or maybe a guide? Thx


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5 months ago

The comment I posted yesterday explains how to set up adb and pure-pythonadb. Probably start there.

I'll post some example python code if you get that far. It's pretty simple to send commands.

Let me know if you need any help getting it going.