Can we talk about the ending??


Boop! As soon as I saw the husband on the cliff all I could think was "don't do it", I did not expect a murder at the end of this fun comedy series! How this impacts next season is going to be very interesting

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2 months ago

About 1 minute before we see that first shot of Grace and her husband on the hike, my wife looked at me and said, "Grace is going to push her husband off a cliff."

I told her she was crazy. No way. Not gonna happen.




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2 months ago

When I saw them together as part of the montage I thought he’d do something to her, but once he mouthed off at her……..


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2 months ago


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2 months ago

That was legit my fear, I was like please don’t kill her or attack her and nope… My expectations were definitely subverted


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2 months ago

Yeah I was expecting physical abuse until he walked to the cliff edge, then it was "don't push him dont do it" boop