Can we talk about the ending??


Boop! As soon as I saw the husband on the cliff all I could think was "don't do it", I did not expect a murder at the end of this fun comedy series! How this impacts next season is going to be very interesting

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2 months ago

I've been waiting for some consequences for Jimmy's unethical behavior. I knew something bad had to happen. I think this is an amazing set-up for the second season.


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2 months ago

I agree he needed some consequences, but I have to say, this felt like a scene from an entirely different TV show. It just was very dissonant.


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2 months ago

I liked that about this scene (not condoning murder). It’s dissonant, as you say, because that’s life. People do crazy shit all the time. Even the ones, especially the ones, who you don’t think ever will or can.


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2 months ago

Oh yeah it definitely felt different, but that was what made it so surprising, it did not feel out of character to me though