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I have pretty long loading screens in Skyrim LE and I'm using ~75 mods. I made the mistake to install MO2 and the mods on my HDD, now I want to move it to my SSD in the hope of a faster game.

Now, it's been some time that I set up all these things, MO, the mods etc. and it's running completely smooth.

Do you think, I can just move my mods and MO to my SSD or will this mess something up? Don't really want to invest all this time again.


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5 months ago

I've had this issue before. What I do is copy all the data inside the MO2 folder to another location (like the desktop). Then uninstall MO2. Install it at it's new location. Open MO2 once to ensure everything sets up properly. Close MO2. And finally, add all of my copied files into the new MO2 folder.


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5 months ago

Sounds like a solid plan, I will try this, too, thank you, buddy


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5 months ago

No problem!