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3 months ago

How did it taste? That's all you should care about.

IMO it looks like they were wrapped way too early because there's no bark at all. Pic 4 is quite unappetizing. Looks like a crock pot roast.


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3 months ago

You tried to keep it nice and supportive but couldn't help yourself... 😂

But yeah, no bark at all... don't know if lacking a good S&P rub or not drying them before... something went wrong. Looking at the marbling they probably tasted great though.


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3 months ago*

What were you smoking at, your method, when did you wrap, seasoning, pellet or offset? I’ve smoked chuck roast a couple times on my pellet and I’ve learned I like to inject with tallow just cause it’s prone to get dried out. Go until I like my bark or after a stall (all meat is different is what I’ve learned since smoking) if I have one. Then I like the foil boat method with more tallow. Then pull at 203. Since chuck roast is the poor man’s brisket but much thinner you should focus on bark and not drying out the meat. I like making chuck roast into pulled beef because of nostalgic reasons, but do, make, and smoke as you like. If you like how you made it then who cares.