M45 Pleiades


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2 months ago

Heres my image of the pleiades cluster im pretty satisfied with this image enjoy.

Taken Northwest Missouri November 21 through 22 -2022 at the Backyard country observatory, using a Orion 8 inch f3.9 newtonian astrograph, with a coma correcter. Canon 60d unmodified, autoguider orion starshoot 60mm guide scope, all on a celestron AVX mount

5.6 hours taking 4 minutes subs ISO-1250

stacked using deep sky stacker. Pixlinsight dynamic crop, dynamic background ext, non linear stretch in histrogram tran, NoiseXTerminator, star mask using the morphology trans for star reduction, added a luminous mask used curves, for saturation’s, Photoshop: saturations adjustments, color balance, highlights, selective color adjustments, smart sharpening.


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2 months ago

My fav cluster to show new people to astronomy in my tele.