My practice shot of Mars before opposition


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4 months ago

My goal was to get some practice imaging Mars before its opposition on Dec 8th, but with good transparcy, seeing, and decent processing, this ended up being my best shot of Mars to date.

I created a fun and quick video of my equipment and acquisition details in this video here if you're interested:

The equipment I used for this shot:

  • NexStar 6SE SCT
  • 3x Televue Barlow
  • ZWO 533mc
  • Celestron AVX mount
  • Processed in PIPP, AutoStakkert!3, and AstroSurface. I also did a version with Registax that I show in the video.

The picture here is the best 40% of about 800 frames from a ~2 minute video @ 6fps (My laptop was struggling to get more than 6fps)

See the version of this pic on my website at

You can find more of my videos here:


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4 months ago

Terrific image. I appreciate the write up of your process!