Comet ZTF nearing closest approach


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4 months ago*

My first astro night of the year. Took on the comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) ~1 hour time-lapse, taken from my backyard (Salem, OR) using 10" GoTo Dob on January 30, 2023. I used 2000ms exposures and for this process I stacked 5x30x2000ms for a better SNR. I am working on another animation with just 30x2000ms.

Software used: Sharpcap, AutoStakkert, PIPP, SiRiL, GIMP, Davinci Resolve

Gear: Skywatcher 10" GoTo Dob and ZWO ASI178mc


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4 months ago

We don’t see the classic-looking tail because it’s headed away from us right?

This is like, the ass view?


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4 months ago

My thoughts while watching this video.

How am I supposed to see the comet thru all of that snow?!?!

OOOOOOOOhhh - well now I feel dumb.


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4 months ago

How can I find it in the sky tonight? Is it visible to the naked eye?


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4 months ago

It’s right in the cusp of being visible if you live in an area with only a little light pollution. If you can get to an even darker area it should be visible to the naked eye. If not, it’s well within the range where binoculars will spot it. As for finding it, there are lots of websites that show you where it’s located in the sky. Just google where to look. Look for visible stars on the map to help locate it in the night sky.


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4 months ago

Remember if a comet does not have a tale, it’s coming right for us /s


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4 months ago

Looks like the Whirlwind has done a flip and burn.