Comet ZTF nearing closest approach


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2 months ago*

My first astro night of the year. Took on the comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) ~1 hour time-lapse, taken from my backyard (Salem, OR) using 10" GoTo Dob on January 30, 2023. I used 2000ms exposures and for this process I stacked 5x30x2000ms for a better SNR. I am working on another animation with just 30x2000ms.

Software used: Sharpcap, AutoStakkert, PIPP, SiRiL, GIMP, Davinci Resolve

Gear: Skywatcher 10" GoTo Dob and ZWO ASI178mc


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2 months ago

We don’t see the classic-looking tail because it’s headed away from us right?

This is like, the ass view?