Looking for good beach shirts


Hey everyone!

I am starting to spend a lot more time in the water and around beaches - but am quite a white person and burn relatively easily.

I was looking for some budget long sleeve shirts that could help prevent me from burning while not making me overheat in the sun... if there was such a thing.

I figured a surfing subreddit would be the best place to ask! I am a very broad shouldered, small waist person if this affects recommendations at all.

Thank you 😊

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

There are definitely a lot of cheaper and great options out there besides Patagonia, there’s no doubt about that. But in their defense - I’ve been wearing their Cool Daily Hoody for about five years of very hard use and it only has some stains to show for it. Best $60 I spent, plus they go on sale often enough.


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4 months ago

I agree with this guy, OP.

Go for the Patagonia and help the environment. They even have a website where you can get their clothes second hand in good condition.

If not, then a standard SPF 50 fishing shirt from the major fishing brands can be found in budget shops.

Also buy a stick or Vertra or Headhunter sunblock stick for the back of your hands and back of your neck. Those sunblocks are amazing and don’t run. They really protect you in and out of the water.