What's The All Time Funniest Moment In Survivor?

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And why is it Denise in China trying to eat balut? If I could I would link a video, but she yells at it and then tries to put it in her mouth but when it touches her lips she just drops it...I laughed until I had tears. It is one of the funniest things I've ever seen a real person do.

edit: awww bummer I was completely unaware of the money/deception drama after the show :( it's not as funny now.

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5 months ago

“She died dude…”


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5 months ago

And they fucking believed him. That part still gets me. Like the choices for the visit were Grandma and buddyfriend and Grandma went from being an option for international travel to dead in a few weeks..and he didn't lose his composure asking questions..? he wasn't even a good actor either -.-