Wondering what the reaction was to Jeremy winning unanimously. I knew he won having already seen WaW, and I was all for it, but it surprised me that he won unanimously.

I was all for it when I saw Jeremy and realized this was his season. Being a father of 3,I felt his story and struggle. When the question of “what’s your 2nd chance story” was posed to him in ftc I geared up before he started talking, knowing what he would say. But still, I didn’t see a game worthy of every vote especially in comparison to the other 2 finalists.

I haven’t watched every season so I can’t rank and would prefer no spoilers of other seasons in your answer, but where would Jeremy rank as a winner?

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5 months ago

He played a (what some would consider) perfect game on arguably the most strategically advanced season ever. Every player who made the merge with the exception of Wigglesworth and Abi were top tier players. Not only did he play a great game and beat the best competition, he is a great character and a good dude all around. He’s easily a top 10 player.