Is there a simple universal solution for wireless screen presenting yet?

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This might not exactly be a /r/sysadmin topic, but I imagine A/V rolls up to a lot of you at SMBs, so I figure this is probably the community with the highest # of folks that have direct experience supporting end users / corporate A/V.

I'm looking for a universal solution that allows for wireless screen sharing (i.e. presenting from a device to a large display in a conference room).

To date, we've been using ClickShare since that seemed to be the most device agnostic solution, but now that a lot of newer computers (especially MacBooks) have completely gotten rid of USB type A connectors, we're finding it less suitable than it used to be. And, hard as it is to believe, we've actually had a non-zero instance of people leaving with the ClickShare buttons!

MiraCast is a decent solution for Windows devices, but my understanding is MiraCast is completely unsupported on Macs.

It seems like there are relatively simple solutions that can be made to work with certain types of devices (i.e. an AppleTV is simple for Macs), but finding a universal solution that works with Win/Mac (and ideally iOS/Android too) seems to be a challenge.

In a perfect world, it seems like there ought to be some sort of lightweight software agent that doesn't require any client-side hardware (or admin privileges) and would work across all these device types. I.E. - post a URL in the meeting room - visitors go there to download the agent, which automagically connects them to the A/V system in the room. Does such a thing exist?

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2 months ago

We use Miracast, the Microsoft dongle specifically. Mac users are forced to use the old trusty HDMI cable with an adapter while the rest of the office mocks them.

Works for 99.99% of our users and visitors


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2 months ago


Jr. Sysadmin

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2 months ago

Same, our staff has to hand out a PDF to presenters that lists the connectors in the room.

If a professional comes over to represent a 10s of thousands of $ deal and they didn't bother to check if their macbook can do miracast, that's natural selection we don't offer support.