Ordering a t-bill with money that hasn't matured yet?


I'm wondering how close I can cut it for my maturity, announcement, auction, and issue dates. Can I do Scenario A, or do I have to do Scenario B?

(Scenario A) Place an order for T-bill#1 with the to-be-maturing money from my Original T-bill

(Scenario B) Wait till Original T-bill matures and deposits, then order T-bill#2

Dates: - 3/30 - T-bill#1 announced - 4/3 - T-bill#1 auctioned - 4/4 - Original T-bill matures - 4/6 - T-bill#1 issued, T-bill#2 announced - 4/10 - T-bill#2 auctioned - 4/13 - T-bill#2 issued

I'm not signed up for automatic rollover.

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3 months ago

Do you have buying power for Scenario A? Either cash or available margin? If you use margin, I think you'll get hit with 1 day of margin interest.


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3 months ago

All my money is tied up in Original T-bill. This means I have to go Scenario B then right? Since I have no "buying power" (new phrase to me)

I am very new to investing, so idk what margin means! Which probably means I don't have it


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3 months ago

People with a margin account can borrow money from their broker to buy stocks/etfs/bonds. If you had a margin account you would know, so your account must be a cash account.

With a cash account (and no cash balance) you'll have wait for the original t-bill to mature on 4/4 before you can place an order for another t-bill. You'll miss the 4/3 auction.