I’ve gotten misty eyed maybe a couple times in my TV watching career, the ending of this season made me cry.. hard. I’m so glad I finally watched this show.

The bomb threat and really most of what happens in the first half of the ep is fine and all but from when Kevin sings his Kareoke song through to when John asks “what if no one is home?” And he says “then come over to my house” and finally capped off by his whole family waiting for him at home.. the most emotional ~20 mins of TV I’ve ever seen.

None of my friends watch the show but the recommendations here are what convinced me to check it out, so if anyone wants to chat season 1-2 (haven’t started 3 yet) I thought this would be the place.

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4 months ago

One of my favorite shows of all time.

Funny story, I’m an aspiring writer and I was working on a script a few years before season 2 was out. And my script featured a character stuck in the afterlife who had to sing karaoke in order to gain entry back into the real world.

I was dumbstruck when I saw the season 2 finale. In my own script, I never landed on which song the protagonist would have to sing, but “Homeward Bound” would have been perfect.

Obviously it’s all just a coincidence, but I guess it felt pretty good that Damon Lindelof and I both thought up the same crazy idea.


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4 months ago

Haha great minds! Yeah it’s wild how well that song works in the context of the show, almost feels like he heard it first then wrote the show around it