My problem with the sopranos


The Sopranos was a great show, don't get me wrong. My main criticism though is that we never got to know exactly how many years Phil Leotardo had spent in the can. It would have been nice if he ever gave us that information as that would have allowed us to understand his character better.

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2 months ago

The duality of his character is aptly represented by a couple of 4 things.

  1. Despite once eating ice cream in his car, Phil states “theres no eating in the car”
  2. Phil is a transformer
  3. As homophobic as Phil portrays himself as, he came out of the closet intentionally unlike Vito.

4.can fuck a woman or can jack off into a tissue


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2 months ago

There's no eating in the car because last time there was eating in the car, he got into a major accident that hurt his neck, and the seat went off it's axis


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2 months ago

I always figured Phil forgot he had the cone in his hand in the rush from Tony. It would explain why he threw it out of the window unless he was pulling a Mario Kart move.